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Iranian Almond kernel is one the high quality almond in the world.
The production rate of Almond in Iran is a lot and it is being produced since many
years ago in here. Iranian Almond has great value in terms of good material and so
on. Darya shamin is supplying Iranian almond kernel in different way:
Normal Almond kernel, Mamra almond kerenl which is very good in Indian market,
slivered almond kernel, almond meal or powder. we are here to offer you competitive
prices and high quality products to you.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any question regarding any types if Iran almond.
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Almond kernel
बादाम गिरी, اللوز نواة, 아몬드 커널, アーモンドカーネル, مغز بادام
blanched almond kernel whole
slivered and sliced blanch almond kernel
crushed blanched almond kernel meal
Almond Kernel Regular
Based on the statistics, Iran is the 4th country in the world in terms of producing
Almond. Because of Iran's climate Almond is grown in many cities in Iran and in some
counties beside the huge amount of Almond orchads, there is a famous phrase which
is" each house got an Almond Tree".
Darya Shamin Rastak by doing firm studies, recognized and identified those areas
which the Almonds are grown more nutritious.
One the most significant Almond in the world is called Mamra which is grown in Iran a

Almond Kernel Packing: 10kg bulk carton box, 25kg bulk poly bags, 1kg to 5kg vacuum
bags, 0.5kg retail bags.

Shelf life: It is depended on that packing and the storage conditions but for vacuum
bags 2.5 years, for room temperature in carton box 1.5 years, for the cool place in 2

If you have any other question regarding the Almond kernel, do not hesitate to email us.
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Almond kernel

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