Blue Mallow ( Malva Sylvestris)

General Information

Blue Mallow as known as Malva sylvestris is a species of Genus Malva in the family of Malvaceae and is considered to be type species for Genus. It's grown in different states in Iran but the major product is collected from Fars, Khorasan and Kerman State.

Blue Mallow (Malva) Specification

- Name: Blue Mallow, Blue High Mallow
- Botanical Name: Malva sylvestris, Malva sp
- Name in other languages: синяя мальва, blaue Malve, malva blu, mauve bleue
- Color: Natural Navy Blue
- Part: Flower with Sepal
- Style: Whole / Crushed
- Use: Herbal Tea, medicinal use
- Packing: 5kg Carton box / as customer request
- Supply volume per month: 10 tons

dried malva sylvestris blue mallow supply
dried blue mallow (malva) bulk packing
About Our Blue Mallow:

We are experienced in supplying Blue Mallow since 2002. We have selected top growers in all over the harvesting states in Iran.
We are capable to supply high quality Malva sylvestris as it can meet the EU import standards.
The bulk packing of our Blue Mallow is mostly in carton boxes which inside is a nylon to protect the goods from any humidity and water infiltrate as you can see on the photo.
For those customers who are in charge of producing herbal medicines we can guarantee the effectiveness of the constitutions of our all herbs based on lab reports.

TOOZGI blue mallow tea (Malva tea)

The Blue Mallow tea is one of the most beneficial herbal teas which can be consumed  daily without worrying about any bad effect on a normal person. It's consist of considerable amount of Vitamins: C, E, B, A Beside using it as a daily tea, back in old days people used it to cure the cough and throat inflammation.
Some Doctors still prescribe it to their patient once they want to avoid the acute care. Some other researches also proven that drinking blue mallow tea is very good and effective on cleaning the liver.
In the other hand there are some articles about applying Malva sylvestris tea on your skin can bring freshness and skin health and act as a natural lotion.
To make Blue Mallow Tea just take a teaspoon of blue mallow flower into a glass of hot water, wait for about 5-7 minuets and there you go. Also adding few pinch of lime or lemon can bring a great taste and color to your tea.

 Toozgi blue mallow / tea malva tea
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