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There was no food left for soldiers in the battle, but few sweet dried dates! . . . . Finally they survived and won the battle gloriously!

You might read the same in the ancient stories of human history. They are not just stories, but truths that human beings have achieved through their valuable hard-working history.

Iranian Dates varieties

There are various date types in Iran among which are following six varieties are the most popular:
- Mazafaty date
- Zahedi date
- Piarom date
- Sayer date
- Kabkab date
- Rabbi date

Forget Artificial Energetics?!

Date is one of the most common ingredients of the Iranian national cuisine. Date palm (Phoenix dactyliferaL.) is considered a major fruit crop in the hot desert regions (semi-arid and arid lands) of the world. It is rich in certain nutrients and marketed widely as a high-value foodstuff. The main component of date is carbohydrate (70-80%); most of which is in the form of glucose and fructose. These sugars can be rapidly absorbed by the human body. It is estimated that 100g of this fruit crop can provide>300 kcal of energy. Date also contains proteins, pectin, lipids, salts, and minerals.

The above text is adapted from Mr. Vahid Mohammadpour Karizaki's article on researchgate.net. To read the whole article: click here.As a supplier and exporter of fresh and dried dates from Iran, we always work hard to earn our customers' trust and satisfaction by supplying very high quality dates from Iran.

Mazafati Dates

Iran's Mazafati date is a soft, sweet, and fleshy fruit of medium size (7 - 9 g weight and 2.5 - 4.5 cm length) that is mainly grown in Bam, and Jiroft located in Kerman Province. It is one of most delicious varieties of date in the world. This kind of date plays an important role in the economy of southern provinces. Mazafati date is the most famous date in large cities in Iran, especially in the capital. As a supplier and exporter of Mazafati date from Iran, we always do our best to select the best of Iranian dates to make our customers happy and full of energy :)

Mazafati Date Export Package and storage

Mazafati Dates are packed in 600g - 800g pouch inside a cardboard box, and 12 boxes of which are placed inside a mother carton.

Mazafati date Storage condition

To store Mazafati date less than 3 months, the best temperature is 0 to 5 °C degree, and for more than 3 months it is better to do it in -1 to -3 Celsius degree. Mazafati date can be stored in home refrigerator for 2-3 months with nearly same quality.

Zahedi Dates

This variety of date is inexpensive and abundant. Although Zahedi dates are produced in different regions of the country, the main production is in the area named Poshtkooh in Bushehr Province. Zahedi dates are used for vinegar and alcohol production as well as ordinary daily edible consumption. This kind of date can be transported and stored conveniently, due to its dry nature. Also, it has a long shelf life of one year in cool and dry places. You can put it on your table in room temperature and enjoy it whenever you feel to eat something sweet and healthy, but avoid over-consumption the same as any other sugary fruits. Athletes  can take a palm of Zahedi date with them and consume it during exercise to meet their need of healthy calories.

Zahedi date due to its lower prices and easy storage conditions has a big demand and we supply it to many countries from east to west.

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