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The Best of Farm Crops

Where you need us, when you need us, DSR leverages a world of resources and expertise to deliver well-sorted and high quality materials to our health oriented customers. As the partner of choice, we work hard to earn our customers' trust by outperforming their expectations again and again.

TOOZGI brand

Exporter of dried fruits, nuts, and herbs

As a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of dried fruits, nuts and herbs our goal is to consistently meet and exceed our customers expectation regardless of demand. We never compromise on quality and thrive in providing long lasting partnerships.
We export the best selected and sorted green peeled pistachio kernels, Pistachio paste, orange blossom petals (Orange flower), Malva sylvestris (blue mallow), Saffron, Barberry and many others.

An overview of our products

Dried fruits & Nuts

- Pistachio Nuts- Green peeled pistachio      kernels- Pistachio Kernel (shelled)- Raisins- Barberry- Dates- Walnuts- Almonds- Malberry- Fig

Herbs & Spices

- Borage petals
- Calendula flower
- Ceratonia siliqua
- Chamomile flower
- Coriander seed
- Gallnut
- Henna powder
- Hibiscus flower
- Licorice extract     block
- Licorice extract     powder
- Malva sylvestris     (blue mallow)
- Olister - Silver     berry
- Orange flower      petals
- Peppermint
- Pink rose bud- Pink rose petals
- Rosemary leaves
- Safflower petals
- Saffron
- Sisybrium sophia
- Tarragon leaves
- Verbena leaves
- Yellow rose bud
- Ziziphus jujuba


- Pistachio paste- Peanut paste- Unskinned peanut paste

Fresh fruits & vegetables

- Apple
- Apricot
- Bell pepper      capsicum
- Broccoli
- Cabage Red
- Cherry
- Cucumber
- Grapes
- kiwi fruit
- Lettuce
- Lettuce      iceberg
- Melon
- Pomegranate
- Potato
- Strawberry
- Tomato


- Asafoetida
- Chicle
- Gomme    ammoniacum
- Tragacanth
- Zedoo

Essential oils, Extracts & Herbal distilled water

- Basil leaves oil
- Borage flower oil
- Chamomile oil
- Coriander seed oil
- Cumin seed oil
- Dill seed oil
- Fennel seed oil
- Jujube (Ziziphus)      oil
- Lavender oil
- Lime oil
- Malva sylvestris oil
- Orange flower oil
- Pepper mint oil
- Rosa damascena  oil (Rose damask oil)
- Tarragon oil
- Thyme oil
- Licorice Extract      powder
- Henna extract     powder
- Rose water
- Borage water
- Mint water
- Peppermint water
- Lime water
- Chamomile water