pistachio nut tree

Exporter of Regular pistachio Kernels

Our pistachio kernels with beautiful green and red color can be consumed raw, roasted or salted. Either way, they are delicious for a light snack, sprinkle on a salad or use in a recipe as an healthy nut.
As a supplier and exporter of pistachio kernels (shelled), we honor to supply a type of easy to consume shelled kernels, you may not be able to stop yourself from eating these tasty nuts! Roasted & salted to enhance natural flavor of the delicious pistachio.

raw pistachio kernel (Shelled pistachio)
Red skin pistachio kernel (Shelled kernel)
Salted, Roasted and flavored pistachio kernel (Shelled pistachio)
Salted and roasted Pistachio kernel (Shelled kernel)
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