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TOOZGI is the leader brand of pistachio paste in Iran. As a producer, supplier and exporter of pistachio paste and healthy products, we are proud to have never deviated from the choice of producing 100% pure pistachio paste. We avoid adding any additives or preservatives (Neither artificial nor natural) to our pastes.
Back to 2018, we realized a great demand and use of the pistachio paste in different industries such as confectionary, bakery, ice cream and as a great part of breakfast itself. So we have stepped into producing this unique product and succeeded in putting our idea into reality soon.

Pistachio paste production

Our pistachio kernel paste is 100% pure and from the finest crops of pistachio nuts.
After cracking the pistachios and raw kernel production, we take the kernels into re-sorting and peeling process. After peeling (skinning) process the kernels will be taken for drying.
Once drying get finished the kernels will be taken to roasting machine. The kernels will only be slightly roasted to break down the tight tissues. After that the kernels are ready to be taken to pasting machine.

Pistachio paste export packing style

Toozgi offers it's pistachio paste in 1kg and 250grams food-grade poly jars. which 8 of 1 kg jars and 36 of 250grams jars goes into one carton box for export.

Pistachio paste Nutrition Value

Major figures per 100g:
- protein: 20.6g
- Fat: 44.4g  
- Carbohydrates: 28.0g
- Energy: 557 Kcal

pistachio paste
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